Your Roadmap to Mastery

Science-based practice

The practice habit uses proven principles from psychology and neuroscience

to help you craft your most effective, focused practice session.

Create lasting progress

Overcome obstacles

Develop grit

Manage Emotions

Enjoy practice again



Motivation comes from clear goals, regular feedback, a balance of challenge and ability,

and a feeling that what you do is meaningful and leads to growthTap into your own motivation

and accelerate your progress so that you enjoy your practice and reach higher levels of mastery


It's your little green practice coach.





Who is it for?


Professionals: Be prepared for anything--from the solo concerto you've been preparing for months, to the gig that just dropped into your lap.  Stay focused on the edge of your craft and take your skills to the next level.


College music majors: Take full advantage of your private lessons, make every minute in the practice room count, manage your practice commitments and take the stress out of practice.


High School musicians: Prepare for auditions, get a head start on college, develop rock-solid habits.


Serious Amateurs: Track your progress, see your goals at a glance, improve faster than ever before, and have fun along the way.

What makes it so effective?



Start with a plan: Never waste a practice session wondering what you accomplished.  When you start each practice session with a clear plan, you always know your next step to improvement.


Learn emotional self-management: Anxiety and stress can destroy your passion for music.  Learn to direct your internal dialogue and conquer your self-doubt.  The Practice Habit's daily format is set up to help you permanently change your mental habits.


Squeeze the most out of every session: Review your progress daily and weekly so you have a clear map of next steps and continuing progress.  Manage different priorities and take the stress out of practice.



The Practice Habit

The world's first psychology-based practice journal.


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