You want the doctor with experience, not the one doing his first brain surgery. Nobody wants a first-time pilot, or skydiving instructor, or tattoo artist. Trust comes from a track record. If you have imposter syndrome or stagefright, it’s either because you don’t have the track record yet, or because you keep forgetting about it. In both cases the solution is the same: build your track record until you can’t ignore it anymore.
If you’re going to use a tripod, it usually makes sense to extend all three legs. If you’re going to practice every day, it might make sense to work on your domain knowledge and inner game every day, too.
When a real estate investor purchases a house, they make money on rent for years. That’s an asset. It pays dividends in the future with little additional work. It’s worth looking at the three domains (Practice, Domain Knowledge, Inner Game) to figure out what assets you can build.
The first day you practice, you work toward meeting your standards. The second day, you get closer. The third day, the improvement starts to stick. The fourth day, your greater skill leads to a higher standard. The fifth day, you work toward meeting your new standard. The sixth day, you get closer. The seventh day, the improvement starts to stick… … The first day you skip practice… The second day you skip practice… The third day you skip practice… The wheel turns both ways. Which...
There’s no practice tool quite like a pencil. It creates a record of what you’ve already worked on, and a plan to make it better next time. It forces you to pause and think—which leads to clarity. What marking will help you the most? What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? It’s erasable. When something doesn’t serve you anymore, you can remove it or make changes. It’s endlessly customizable. You can make your marks big, small, dark, light, simple, fancy, clean, messy. It...
Containers have limits that keep things inside and that keep things outside. Without a mug, coffee goes everywhere. Without a container, your leftovers will get bacteria and mold. What’s inside your practice time that should be outside of it? What limits do you need to put around your practice sessions?
Walking into a cathedral, you might notice the cross first, or the stained glass windows, the structure, the open space, the artwork, the people, or even the floors. You might be awed by the history, the ritual, or the preacher. The famous cathedrals have layers and layers of structure and detail, some of which reach people below consciousness. Same for a good piece of music. What aren't you looking at?
When you’re hiking in the wilderness, it’s much faster and easier to use a trail to get where you’re going. Unless. Unless you’re trying to go somewhere no one else has been. Then you’ll need the skills to be your own guide. All the popular spots are too crowded anyway.
Previously on Game of Thrones… Previously on Breaking Bad… Previously on Stranger Things… It helps, right? Previously on Your Practice Session…
help you plan ahead. help you commit. give you something to work toward. also... give you something to celebrate. help you keep track of a streak. give you the evidence that you are not an imposter. also... remind you that the work is right here, right now.

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